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Jeff and Mindy Glickman are educators who have a love of games.  Their first game, AttrAction, brought so much joy to those who played it, they felt it needed to have a broader audience.  They developed it, and licensed it to R and R Games.

This got them started down a path.  In just two years, they now have 13 games licensed and in production.  Some of the companies are Melissa and Doug, Fat Brain, Back Alley Traders, Foam Brain and Identity Games.

They believe that games model the values that a people hold dear.  Regardless of how glitzy a game is, it will only be replayed if the values resonate with the players.

They see the world through values — implicit and explicit.  The games they design are all values based, even though they appeal to different markets.  They have been described as, “flowers which continue to blossom.”

Known for eloquence and simplicity, the games of Turn To The Wonderful are highly regarded by those in many fields.

Jeff  and Mindy can be reached at:


114 Cody Circle, South Windsor, CT 06074