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Billiards, Bocce, Bowling and Marbles — with Magnets

The Story
Today, many complicated games exist.  Few inspire a sense of wonder while entertaining; few can bring together people of different ages or cultures; few can be learned quickly and very few can make people giggle.

The Market
People find their own niche, and rarely do we intermingle.  Attraction brings young and old alike together in a fun way.  This has surprisingly complicated strategies, yet the novice can often beat the pro.  No board required, it is easy to carry and play.  The quick action means most games are under ten minutes, and there is room for any number of players.
The Game
The serendipitous interplay between the magnets is what gives the game spark.  As the game plays, strategies develop.  It has been compared to bocce, marbles, bowling and billiards.  It is a joy to see children, teens and seniors congratulating each other for good moves and giggling at unexpected twists.
The rules can be distilled to 30 words.  Really!

Separate stones keeping one.
Staying outside the table, slide your stone.
If some stick, take one cluster.
Any fallen go to the next player, no cluster taken.
Most stones wins.

In actuality, this isn’t just a game, it is a paradigm for playing almost any other game.  The original game is excellent in its own right, but the brand can be expanded to include collectibles, word games, educational games and even playable jewelry.
36 hematite magnets.  However, there are many, many variations – including pieces too large to swallow.

Don’t Be Greedy


Object: Be the first to collect 9 jewels.


Setup: Each player chooses a treasure chest to hold his or her jewels. Place all of the jewels in the jewel pouch.


Play: Player 1 (the youngest player) takes a jewel from the pouch – no peeking! Turn the jewel over.

You can stop and put your jewels in your chest or keep picking more. When you put them in your chest, your turn is over.

If you get a sad face (shape), you have to put the new jewels back.


Some special rules:

If you start with one or more sad faces, you are safe. The risk only starts when you get a treasure.

If you get the Best Friend jewel (star shape), you can freely pick two more jewels, because a Best Friend protects you.


The game can be played with more than four players. If no one gets to 9, whoever takes the last jewel wins.

Add Vantage

A quick and challenging game where good planning can often thwart a ruthless opponent.


Two grids, nineteen dice, fourteen tiles and four medallions.


This is a game for two to four players aged ten and above. A second set would be needed for more than two players. Game play lasts 10 minutes for a round.

Players alternatingly draw tiles and place them on the sides of their grids. These become the total they aim for in that column or row. The remaining tiles are turned over and are the goals for the diagonal totals.

During a turn, each player rolls two dice (one for each medallion owned) and places either one or both of them on any open space(s) in their grid. If the total of the three dice in a row or column matches the corresponding tile on a player’s grid, that player wins that tile, and puts it aside. If either diagonal totals the amount on either special tile, the player takes that special tile. When all the dice are placed, score one point for each tile put aside. First to ten points wins.

Medallions add a dastardly component. You roll as many dice as you have medallions.

You can buy a die from another player in exchange for a medallion. This constitutes a turn.

Players cannot refuse another player’s offer to “buy” the die.

A player cannot “re-buy” the same die that was taken from his board in the next round – however players can “buy” a similar die from a different player or from the same buyer, provided they have a different die with same number on it.

Variation without medallions:

Each player rolls two dice each turn and places either one or both of them on their board. An unwanted die can be placed, unused, in the lower right corner – but only one can reside there.


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