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Nominated for TAGIE award!

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Jeff and Mindy Glickman have been recognized by industry insiders and are now finalists for The Rising Star Inventor of the Year Award! It is the only awards ceremony for toy and game inventors. The winner is the nominee who gets the most votes, and anyone can vote. Take a moment to vote…and ask your friends to do the same!
Here’s how to vote:
Go to:
Most of the page is links to descriptions of the nominees.
The ballot is on the very bottom.
The first category is Toy Inventor of the Year. You may vote, or just click “next”, which brings you to the next category. Look for the third category, Rising Star Inventor. You will find Jeff and Mindy Glickman in the middle. After voting, you still have to click a few more “next”s to actually submit the ballot.
Let us know that you got a lot of votes..for example, you got your whole town to vote or your kid’s youth group.  If we win, we would be happy to send enthusiastic supporters (who get near 100 votes) a case of their games for gifts or to give to a charity.
tbhrabbiNominated for TAGIE award!

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