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Success at ChiTaG

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Every year before Thanksgiving, manufacturers come to Chicago to meet with inventors.

We got back just this morning from a very successful show.

Currently, we have the following 16 games under license:

  1. AttrAction with R and R Games
  2. Hearts of AttrAction with R and R Games
  3. AttrAction cell phone app with R and R Games
  4. Jewish version of Times Up with R and R Games
  5. Don’t Be Greedy with Melissa and Doug
  6. Discarded with Melissa and Doug
  7. SMILES with Back Alley Traders
  8. Tiny World Dino with Identity Games
  9. Tiny World Wildlife with Identity Games
  10. Tiny World Insects with Identity Game
  11. Tiny World Space with Identity Games
  12. Code 4 with Identity Games
  13. DiceFight! with Foam Brain
  14. WOO! with Fat Brain
  15. Patience with Winning Moves
  16. Outnumbered with Winning Moves

These games are under evaluation with manufacturers:

  1. Brainbow
  2. issing etters
  3. ADDvantage
  4. Cookie Books
  5. The Deli Game
  6. How I See You
  7. Rhombus
  8. Sabotage
  9. Stepping Stones
  10. Tree Words
  11. The Yessing Game
tbhrabbiSuccess at ChiTaG

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